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Fri Feb 24 09:21:33 PST 2012


Many more tests are needed, but I think the new
BLFS tools are usable (alpha state). The repo is ablfs
(automated blfs). Just type:

svn co svn://

The instructions are in README and README.BLFS. Please
let me know if anything is confusing (well, I expect to receive
a lot of messages;-) .

I have been able to build X (not tried to run it yet), but you need to
apply the attached patch to the blfs book. (ticket #3282). There
are also some options change to mesalib configure to avoid
trying to build the nouveau driver (or add it to libdrm).
Also llvm needs a 'source /etc/bash_profile' at the end.
AFAICT, all those come from book defects (or features :-) )
rather than from the tool. Note that there are no meta
packages, as in the former version of the tools. Just tick
Xorg Server, and it builds all the required dependencies.

Built also subversion, openssl, python. Please have a try for
other packages.
Contrary to the former tools, you can select as many targets
as you want, but the more you have, the more it gets complicated
to sort out bugs in the scripts.

Regards and happy builds,

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