RFC: Is there a use for blfs-tool?

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sat Feb 18 03:41:40 PST 2012


When configuring jhalfs, the user is given the possibility
of choosing "Beyond Linux From Scratch" in the
"Use BOOK" menu. That basically disables all the settings you
have when running jhalfs, except the choice of
the Release and of a few directories needed for
blfs-tools. Then `blfs-tool' is run instead of
`jhalfs'. Basically, `blfs-tool' performs a few
checks, and sets up a "blfs_root" directory in
users's $HOME. It then launches make in that
All the preceding supposes that LFS is already
installed (with the BLFS dependencies, DocBook,
Lynx and friends). It does not much more than
what jhalfs does when ticking "Add blfs-tool support".
The only part which is missing after jhalfs is
moving "blfs_root" to user's $HOME, which is
not mandatory actually.
Furthermore, choosing blindly "Beyond Linux From Scratch" in the
"Use BOOK" menu on a non LFS system is potentially harmfull,
since you might end up installing BLFS packages on your
host system!
So my proposition is to remove altogether the
"Beyond Linux From Scratch" choice and the blfs-root script.
See attached patch.


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