Exiting jhalfs cleanly

xinglp xinglp at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 07:19:44 PST 2012

2012/12/30 Pierre Labastie <pierre.labastie at neuf.fr>:
> Hi,
> With the new logic for creating /dev/shm, jhalfs does not
> exit cleanly anymore. I attach a patch, which aims at curing that.
> Can anybody else test it? For me, it seems to work.
> Thanks
> Pierre

Tihere is also a directory created by lfs book by the below script may
be need cleanup.

if [ -h $LFS/dev/shm ]; then
  link=$(readlink $LFS/dev/shm)
  mkdir -p $LFS/$link
  mount -vt tmpfs shm $LFS/$link
  unset link
  mount -vt tmpfs shm $LFS/dev/shm

And by execute "grep umount * -Rn" in jhalfs directory show some where
else should be changed.

CLFS/master.sh:989:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev/pts
CLFS/master.sh:990:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev/shm
CLFS/master.sh:991:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev
CLFS/master.sh:992:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/sys
CLFS/master.sh:993:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/proc
common/makefile-functions:222:  @echo  $(tab_)exit from the chroot and
umount the filesystems
HLFS/master.sh:638:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev/pts
HLFS/master.sh:639:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev/shm
HLFS/master.sh:640:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev
HLFS/master.sh:641:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/sys
HLFS/master.sh:642:     @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/proc
LFS/master.sh:520:      sudo umount -v \$(LFS)/sys
LFS/master.sh:521:      sudo umount -v \$(LFS)/proc
LFS/master.sh:522:      sudo umount -v \$(LFS)/dev/shm
LFS/master.sh:523:      sudo umount -v \$(LFS)/dev/pts
LFS/master.sh:524:      sudo umount -v \$(LFS)/dev
LFS/master.sh:562:      @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/sys
LFS/master.sh:563:      @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/proc
LFS/master.sh:564:      @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev/shm
LFS/master.sh:565:      @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev/pts
LFS/master.sh:566:      @-umount \$(MOUNT_PT)/dev

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