Xorg libs missing from BLFS

cliffhanger at gardener.com cliffhanger at gardener.com
Sat Oct 9 14:25:44 PDT 2010

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>Subject: Xorg libs missing from BLFS

>This is strange.  I've been installing BLFS using jhalfs-svn.  No
>probs, after I'd figured things out.   I'm installing Xorg 7.5 and 
>just installed Xorg libs and its deps.   I've had to reinstall jhalfs
>and the blfs_root dir(I won't bore you with why).   This time round
>there is no Xorg libs available!   Everything but that.  Why is this?
.Please advise, I've reinstalled several times.

Okay solved it.  Had to go back to the stable ver. of jhalfs



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