ALFS Patches

Thomas Pegg tom.pegg at
Wed Mar 10 09:37:53 PST 2010

Tim Sarbin wrote:
> OK I'm getting more familiar with the source and have created several patches 
> for ALFS's current jhalfs system:

On this one it looks ok, but what situations are there that we need to 
specify these options. Downloads have worked fine for me numerous times 
without changing wget options.

I'm not sure I see this one as a bug, it seems to me the code is working 
as intended.

> I'm mainly posting it here because the tracker seems to be pretty dead and I 
> wanted to make sure the right people see it. Also note that I do realize that 
> my wget fix doesn't include the bottom wget logic, but honestly the whole 
> download section needs to be redone to work properly.
I think you need to elaborate on this, to me there is nothing wrong with 
the way the download system currently works.

> I am currently eyeing the usage of $SRC_ARCHIVE. This setting in the menu 
> makes little sense. It says the sources are automatically downloaded here, but 
> that is not true. It seems the purpose of $SRC_ARCHIVE is really to copy all 
How is that not true. The proper order of the download system is like this:
1. Check if package exists in SRC_ARCHIVE, if so copy to $BUILDDIR/sources.
2. If not, go download it and store in $BUILDDIR/sources.
3. Then copy to SRC_ARCHIVE, now this part will only work with proper 
permissions of course.

> of the downloaded sources to a backup folder. If this is the case, wouldn't it 
> make much more sense to have a "Create a backup of downloaded packages" 
> boolean, with a sub-entry called "Backup directory"? Currently it literally 
> defaults to ($SRC_ARCHIVE), with a very misleading help description. If the 
> above patches are OK, I may make much bigger changes to the download logic as 
> there are some logical knots in the way things are done right now. It's just 
> hard to do since I am juggling multiple patches on SVN in the same area.

Yes, it's a backup folder of sorts, I conside it more to be a repository 
for tarballs and patches, so those files do not have to be downloaded 
again. Especially useful for those that use jhalfs to test various 
changes to the book. Your right maybe the naming is a little odd and the 
description may not be very good, but it does serve it's purpose. I 
personally use it all the time, as I have my own local sources folder 
with umpteen versions of packages stored in it.


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