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Tim Sarbin tim.sarbin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 23:33:25 PST 2010

On Wednesday 10 March 2010 1:46:38 am Mike McCarty wrote:
> Tim Sarbin wrote:
> > I have already thought about package management and don't want to turn
> > LFS into a gentoo clone. I understand what you mean though. Any Linux
> > system
> Yes, I understand that.
> > must be upgradeable and manually pulling 200 packages simply isn't
> > possible. Honestly I mainly see three reasons to use lfs: to make an
> > embedded system, to make a new distribution, and to learn how Linux
> > works. Any other use, in my opinion, is simply outside of the scope of
> > LFS. Honestly I started
> Umm, how about
> 	I like control of what is on my machine, so I'm going to build
> 	it myself. "Standard" distros are too bloated, and even the
> 	small ones like Feather Linux are just based on the same old
> 	bloated stuff.
> If that's what you mean by "make a new distribution", then ok. The
> primary reason I'm interested in it, is the standard distros are not
> targeting the type of customer I am. I like a lean, clean, small
> machine, with only those things on it I want. "Standard" distros
> don't do that.
> > messing with LFS because I plan on writing a Linux based os, but it's not
> > what I would call a typical Linux distribution. Anyway, I decided I would
> > help out LFS in the process by updating ALFS to make building raw
> > systems, new distros, and bootable cd images a breeze.
> I was thinking only about hooks, not building management into the
> system.
> Mike
I see what you are saying. If you could give me more details on how you would 
like to hook into the system, I'd be more than happy to help make it happen; 
I'm just currently not quite sure what exactly it is that you need.


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