Support DESTDIR in LFS and jhalfs

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Jul 30 17:54:54 PDT 2010

On 07/30/2010 09:05 AM, Matthew Burgess wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Jul 2010 22:22:45 -0500, DJ Lucas <dj at> wrote:
>> Guys, based on the previous discussion on lfs-dev, I plan on doing a
>> custom book for LFS as a sample of what destdir might look like and I
>> want a custom jhalfs to test it with.
> Sounds interesting!  I'm still trying to find time to put my getting some
> cogent thoughts together regarding the current conversation going on in
> lfs-dev.  Hopefully I'll get something sent over the weekend.

I wasted 3 hours, and composed and avoided sending 3 very different, and
very long replies, that each made me sound like a total DESTDIR fanboy.
 I don't even use it for my own minimal PM, but it's still nice to know
(and learn) how some of the more obscure tasks are handled by the
install target.  I do occasionally use it when working in BLFS, but not
for final installations.  Anyway, I figured it'd just be easier to do
the leg work so that people can _see_ what the differences would be with
their own eyes.  It's really not all that complicated, especially in the
scope of LFS only, so I figured the best way to go forward would be to
show, not tell.  Basically, it's one or the other installation method,
with the exact same result.


> but I must admit to not being entirely sure what criteria you're
> trying to match here. I've assumed:
> 1. Don't apply templates if we're in either chapter 6 or chapter7 and usedestdir='y'
> 2. Don't apply templates if remap='destdir'
> I'm happy to help out further though, if I've misunderstood.
Thanks for the help Matt.

Actually, I think I've overcomplicated things, and completely missed my
mark by including chapter 7 (it just didn't matter to be specific for 7,
but it might in the future).  Doesn't help that my understanding of this
conditional xsl is nil.  Basically, I need to keep '<screen><userinput
remap="install">...' for all of chapters (4?) 5 and 8 unconditionally.
The conditional tests should only apply to chapter 6 and the bootscripts
page in chapter 7.  If usedestdir='n', then I need to omit all instances
of '<userinput remap="destdir">.'  If usedestdir='y', then I'll need to
omit all lines containing the '<userinput remap="install">.'  Hopefully
that is a little more clear than my previous jumbled logic.

-- DJ Lucas

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