jhalfs version for BLFS 6.3

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Sep 2 18:19:35 PDT 2008

linux fan wrote:
> Will there be a jhalfs version for BLFS Version 6.3?

  jhalfs can use either svn or release document. The only reasons for 
jhalfs revisions are improvements/bugs in the code or drastic changes to 
the document styling.

> I have worked through building lfs manually and progressed through 
> building lfs and blfs using the excellent jhalfs software. I have had 
> wonderful success building using the custom tools approach. I have found 
> that the blfs-tool can be a help in solving dependencies and can be used 
> to build packages, or to contribute to developing custom-tools scripts.
> Now, with the release of BLFS Version 6.3 as the stable version, there 
> is no jhalfs version that is able to build the BLFS 6.3 versions of 
> packages with the blfs-tool. The jhalfs-2.3.1 blfs-tool builds SVN which 
> is often builds later package versions than BLFS 6.3, which could lead 
> to a possibly unstable system. Apparently, the blfs-xml for BLFS 6.3 is 
> still being awaited.
  From the main menu screen.

   Use Book (Beyond Linux From Scratch)

   Release (Branch or Stable)  <<- NOT svn

   (**EDIT ME***) Book version (mandatory)

     change this to

   (6.3) Book version (mandatory)

> Great news would be the release of a jhalfs version that can build BLFS 6.3.

  If this does not work please send me detailed log information.


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