ALFS Requirements

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Tue Oct 28 08:02:59 PDT 2008

I have gone and read the preliminary requirements on the web site
again, and note that progress has been made since the last visit.
I have these comments, which are not intended to be criticisms:

1. The requirements are an excellent start, so far.
2. Requirements documents should be written in present tense.
3. The client server model looks good, but sounds like design,
rather than requirements. Perhaps the requirement hiding behind
the design is the ability to support control and monitoring of
the build process from a machine other than the one on which
the build is taking place. Associated requirements might be
specifying the location(s) of the resulting logs, exactly what
content they have, and possibly a way to control the amount of
information contained in them,
4. It would be nice if alfs could support building "alongside"
an existing system, without displacing it. While I see nothing
that precludes that, the way the requirements are written also
does not specifically suport that.
5. Perhaps automating the build of a LiveCD ISO image is something
to consider.
6. Some slight spelling and grammatical errors have, understandably,
crept in.

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