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Jon Herron wrote:
> Thanks again, I appreciate the input.  I'll start working on the initial draft and present it to the list.
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> Jon Herron
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>> From: Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at>
>> As far as languages go, I personally would prefer C or C++ for speed and 
>> portability, but that's just me. I also don't like to depend on many 
>> outside libraries or packages. Again, that's just my take on it, though.

Requirements must be stated in terms of measurable results, not
in terms of means. If you want portability, then that's the requirement,
not C or C++. If you want speed, then ditto. In this case, I believe,
execution time is going to be dominated by fetch speed (download times
for the sources) and compile times, not by the speed of the tool

As it is, LFS already depends upon bash, so I see no problem
making it use scripts. In any case so long as the build dependencies
get fetched and built (like, say, Perl, or AWK, or whatever)
then I don't see what an objection might be, other than build
time for the tool. The entire build is going to take so long
that building Perl one additional time is negligible, I think.

What would really be nice would be some sort of front end which
allowed selection of packages to be included (like GUI etc.)
and which would create scripts to do the fetches and builds using
some sort of dependency database. It would be fantastic to be
able to run a front end, click on some check mark boxes, and
kick off a build which resulted in an ISO image ready to be burnt
to CD-ROM and booted, or a directory tree ready to be made
bootable by, say, GRUB. Then you'd have a distro with source
somewhat in the same vein as GENTOO.

However, that's asking a lot, I know.

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