alfs Requirements [Was blank]

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Oct 20 10:55:34 PDT 2008

Jon Herron wrote:
>   Thanks for the reply.  I would be interesting in drafting up an initial proposal/feature 
> list for 'alfs', and present it to the list.  This will probably take a couple days or so, as 
> I would first want to grok the current jhalfs and get an idea of where to start.  I noticed 
> in the documentation that the new alfs should be backward compatible with the existing 
> jhalfs, so I figured this would be the best place to start.
>   Also since I am new and have missed any previous discussions, are there any 
> preferences in LFS as to languages used to implement something such as alfs?  Also 
> are there any items mentioned in the software requirements in particular that you feel 
> could/should be modified or removed?

I would probably not even bother with the old requirements except as 
perhaps a place to get ideas that you feel might be useful. Concentrate 
on what is feasible and useful to you, then present it. I'm sure folks 
will have something to say... :)

As far as languages go, I personally would prefer C or C++ for speed and 
portability, but that's just me. I also don't like to depend on many 
outside libraries or packages. Again, that's just my take on it, though.


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