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Jeremy -

  Thanks for the reply.  I would be interesting in drafting up an initial proposal/feature 
list for 'alfs', and present it to the list.  This will probably take a couple days or so, as 
I would first want to grok the current jhalfs and get an idea of where to start.  I noticed 
in the documentation that the new alfs should be backward compatible with the existing 
jhalfs, so I figured this would be the best place to start.

  Also since I am new and have missed any previous discussions, are there any 
preferences in LFS as to languages used to implement something such as alfs?  Also 
are there any items mentioned in the software requirements in particular that you feel 
could/should be modified or removed?


Jon Herron

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> Jon Herron wrote:
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> >   I am relatively new to linux from scratch, and first wanted to thank all 
> those involved for a great experience.  I have been looking for a starting point 
> for a deep dive into the inner workings of linux and this looks like a great 
> project.  Upon browsing your site, I noticed a message at the bottom of the ALFS 
> section, talking about a new project called alfs - and to drop a post to the 
> list expressing interest (so here I am).  After browsing through this list I 
> didn't notice any recent discussions on the topic, and was wondering a) if this 
> project was still open, b) if any work had been done on it, and c) if I could 
> either chip in on the existing project or start working on said project if no 
> work has begun to date.  I'm not sure exactly what else to say for an opening 
> post, but hopefully this could get some conversations going...
> > 
> Hi Jon,
> The endeavor to build 'alfs' (a do-it-all replacement for what was at 
> the time the default implementation, nALFS) was started a few years 
> back. There were a couple of Proof of Concepts developed to show certain 
> possible functionality, but it never really went further than that.
> Mostly due to a lack of resources, but also because the community 
> couldn't agree on a precise direction to follow, any community-based 
> organized effort to produce alfs was dropped. Instead, a small bash 
> Proof of Concept called jhalfs was adopted and re-written by the 
> community at large.
> jhalfs is still useful to many, mostly because it extracts its build 
> instructions directly from the LFS book's XML source. But I think it 
> would be nice if there were other ALFS implementations.
> If you wanted to start work on something that could become alfs, I'd say 
> go ahead and draw up a new draft of proposed features/functionality and 
> let us have a look. We created a functional requirements page a while 
> ago, but I'd imagine that several of those things could be modified or 
> removed now.
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> JH
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