jhalfs not downloading all files

Thomas Pegg tom.pegg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 09:23:19 PDT 2008

George Boudreau wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Hit a bit of an odd issue here.  After configuring jhalfs and runnning 'make', it gets as far as downloading 'less' and then stops downloading files but continues to try to build binutils.  This obviously fails, as it hasn't managed to download binutils-2.18-configure-1.patch yet.
>    wow, 2 people still using jhalfs.
Make that at least 3. :)

>> I suspect this is due to the urls.lst containing the following line for lfs-bootscripts:
>> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/downloads/development/lfs-bootscripts-20080522.tar.bz2 ftp://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/conglomeration/lfs-bootscripts/lfs-bootscripts-20080522.tar.bz2 BOOTSCRIPTS-MD5SUM
>> That's because of Bruce's relatively recent change of autogenerating MD5 sigs & tarball sizes during book rendering, and therefore will also reoccur when we hit the udev-config tarball.
>> Is there some way we can have jhalfs ignore those two particular MD5 sigs, or otherwise have the LFS book and jhalfs sources play nicer together?
>     Try the svn version.

I think he is George as I just encountered the exact same problem 
described by Matt from a fresh SVN checkout, I believe I have a fix to 
commit here soon, testing in progress now.


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