differences between custom-tools, blfs-tool and blfs-support

Benjamin John xlfs at gmx.de
Mon Jun 9 06:30:49 PDT 2008

I want to use jhalfs for automated building. After playing around with 
some options (with or without custom tool, blfs-deps, blfs-support) I 
wonder what is the _technical_ difference between these three possibilities.
Am I right when I say custom tools and blfs-deps are technical the same, 
where blfs-deps are used for working with the blfs-book sources after 
rebooting into the new system and custom tools are for whatever I want 
to use after the reboot?
And the blfs-support is meant for building the book (or a part of) 
inside the new created system?
What would be the difference, when I put every package I want from the 
blfs book an some packages more directly in custom tools, so that these 
packages would be build after the lfs-book is finished?
One difference I saw, is that inside the new system the build process 
runs as user and only the installation is done by root.
What about building after the lfs-scripts (in custom tools)? Is it all 
done by root or all by the specified user?


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