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Thu May 31 09:47:25 PDT 2007

El Miércoles, 30 de Mayo de 2007 22:58, Ag. D. Hatzimanikas escribió:
> Currently, there is an entry about letting the user to decide
> about the Language. This is set to $LANG by default, that means it
> will read the $LANG environment variable of the local system (host).
> I am proposing to set it as default in C locale, for three reasons.

In the first times jhalfs was setting LANG=C (in fact, in lfs.xsl the default 
value for the "lang" param is still "C"), but several time ago was requested 
the it should defaulting to the host $LANG setting. I don't remember who or 
why, but $LANG is more closer to what the book expect than C.

The LANG envar is used by jhalfs only to create a very simple /etc/profile 
file like the one discussed in


We can discuss here if jhalfs should create or not such default /etc/profile, 
but to discuss if the LANG value set in /etc/profile should be "C" or a 
native locale is for lfs-dev list. 

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