Logging and bc. [Was: Re: r3353]

Ag. D. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at gmail.com
Sat May 19 05:39:52 PDT 2007

On Sat, May 19, at 02:03 M.Canales.es wrote:
> > I don't have enough knowledge to comment about your last sentence, but in
> > practice, for more than 6 month usage (about 10 builds) of this method I
> > didn't have a failure of this kind.
> > In fact I didn't have a single failure of any kind for quite sometime now,
> > except an incompatibility with a snapshot of gcc-4.2 and openssl but this
> > is another issue.
> Thanks for the report. I started a set of builds to test  each proposed 
> change. I must test also if the installed files logging feature is compatible 
> with ICA/farce feature.

Aha, I forgot about ICA/farce.

> > Dan posted a patch in february [1] aiming to replace bc with perl, which I
> > agree. 
> Looks like that patch was intended to replace time, not bc. And it was lost 
> inside the SHELL thread.

Which it is the same. If you have the time you can have the sbu, no
matter if you use bc or perl.

> > Why we have to use an external application, when perl can do the 
> > math? He is using printf and two variables to calculate the seconds, while
> > - a long time now - I use almost a method like Jhalfs to create the sbu
> > report, so I am posting a snippet of this patch I played a bit yesterday
> > night, as I am more familiar and it looks more simple.
> >
> > If you are interested I can do the rest. I stopped in one point as you will
> > see, that I needed a log file created by jhalfs to chech the pattern,
> > which I don't have.
> I don't know Perl sintax, thus I opted by bc when creating the script. I you 
> can create a patch dropping bc dependency while kepping the same 
> functionality, we will apply it.

Ok, if a perl guru, I think Matthew is one of them, can comment for the
perl right syntax I will do the rest.

> > <confess> I don't use jhalfs</confess>.
> Yet? ;-)

It's because I spent so time to make my script so flexible, that I just
can give a command and come back after 4 hours and half to make a reboot
and to see everything to work (hopefully).
The god bless me to not be dependent in any of these DE's monsters (KDE,Gnome).

But I took so many ideas from Jhalfs that I owe you a lot and I spent time to read 
the code.
You both are great coders and George has great humor too, which is a plus. :)

Now, I am going to work -I started in fact some tests - in a format that I can build
lfs inside vim!

If it is possible, please mail me, even outside of the list, with one or two (better 
two) of these log files (two from the tools phase and two from the chroot phase).

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