Trials & Tribulations with LFS CD & VMWare

Petrus petrus4 at
Thu Mar 29 15:08:38 PDT 2007

> I'll have to look into that - it might remove my dependance for cygwin...

Cygwin will likely still be useful to you, as it still interfaces a bit more 
directly with Windows than coLinux does...I find the two complement each 
other well.

> Anyway, I found that the glibc as shipped on the LiveCD won't compile out
> of box

Ah yes, Glibc...otherwise known as the proverbial Dweller on the Threshold. 
;-)  I've had more adventures with it than any other single package or 
application I've ever used with Linux, I think...with the possible exception 
of the also dearly beloved xorg.conf. ;-) 

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