Trials & Tribulations with LFS CD & VMWare

Petrus petrus4 at
Thu Mar 29 12:00:55 PDT 2007

> So I decided I'd try to build an automated LFS using jhalfs and the Live 
> CD
> (6.2-5). On Windows XP Pro. With VMWare 5.5. Without networking (which I

Recommendation:-  coLinux.  (

It's an implementation of the kernel running essentially as a Windows 
application, so doesn't need emulation as such, and AFAIK compilation speed 
is roughly the same as it would be under native Linux, of course barring 
XP's memory consumption.  It also works; (and with 512 mb...I was using it 
before I got my ram upgrade)  I'm currently up to chapter 6 in LFS 6.2 with 
it.  Mind you, I wasn't using jhalfs as such.  I started using it back when 
I had a USB DSL modem (which didn't work under Linux at the time) and still 
wanted to be able to build LFS.  It has support for networking; it's hackish 
and not quite as elegant as what you'll get under VMWare, but again, it 

The disk images available are old, but the Fedora one is the most workable. 
AFAIK that version anywayz of Fedora doesn't have an equivalent of Debian's 
build-essential package, so you'll need to install a basic toolchain via 

> OK, so I'm doing wacko stuff on wacko hardware with wacko software... I
> realize that. ;-) I haven't googled a ton yet, I barely skimmed the 

That does not need to be a problem.  I know from my own experience that 
there are times when such improvisation is necessary, or even merely 

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