Long: Trials & Tribulations with LFS CD & VMWare

Roger Merchberger zmerch-lfs at 30below.com
Thu Mar 29 09:05:20 PDT 2007

Rumor has it that M.Canales.es may have mentioned these words:

>You're a very brave man, that's a heavy build entorn ;-)

There's a fine line between bravery & stupidity... I'm usually on the wrong 
side of that line. ;-)

>To prevent download the book, select "Working copy" in the "release" menu and
>put in "Loc of working copy" the full path to the LFS book sources directory
>included in the CD-Live.
>To prevent packages/patches download, copy manually all needed packages and
>patches to $BUILDDIR/sources and don't select "Retrieve source files" option.

Or, I've found that one _can_select 'Retrieve source files' & make sure one 
specifies '/lfs-sources' as the retrieval directory, and it will do the 
copying. If it's not found in the archive, then it will attempt to download 
the package as a backup option... This was working with the "Use Stable 
Book version" and typing 6.2 in the field, it would download the book, but 
grab all the sources from the directory... so at least I wasn't trying to 
download all the packages all the time; just the book.

> > [[ a more major nitpick: Where the heck in the book is 066-?.... 
> (snippage) ]]
>The scripts numbers refers to the absolute position of that section on the
>book flow. That is, 066-glibc meants that that Glibc build instructions come
>from the section placed at the 66 position in the book.
>To have the same numeration than in the online book involve to add a lot of
>extra XSL code for little gain.

I was going to suggest that even just a comment field with that data might 
be handy, but that would still put extra work on the package maintainers to 
make sure if the book shifts that they have to diddle with the comments, so 
that still isn't a perfect plan.

>  Looking at $BUILDDIR/jhalfs/lfs-commands you
>can see a subdirectory for each book chapter containing the scripts in the
>same order than their respective pages are in the book TOC.

OK, now I know where to look for that.

>This should umount the kernel filesystems:
>$ cd $BUILDDIR/jhalfs && sudo make do_housekeeping

Thanks for that - this'll save a lot of reboots.

One (hopefully simple) request to the jhalfs maintainers:

Can the timezone default be set to $TZ instead of GMT? Every time I typed 
in EST, EST5 or EST5EDT either the value wasn't there, or the link didn't 
exist. [[ At least with EST5EDT, it was supposed to link to 
America/Indianapolis, and as the state of Indiana has been one of the most 
stubborn in the midwest region to actually support daylight savings, I 
thought that was an odd default... that and America/Indianapolis was broken 
in some manner as that's where my glibc build was b0rking. ]]

During the boot sequence, I've chosen America/Detroit (as Michigan has 
always observed daylight savings...) and set the timezone to $TZ to see if 
it pulls that default (I verified that it's set as a shell variable for the 
jhalfs user) and see if it gets past that.

Thanks again,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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