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El Miércoles, 28 de Marzo de 2007 19:44, Roger Merchberger escribió:
> Up front: I'm not looking for support, handholding, violin music, or a
> shoulder to cry on - this is informational only. You have been warned.
> ;-)
> So I decided I'd try to build an automated LFS using jhalfs and the Live CD
> (6.2-5). On Windows XP Pro. With VMWare 5.5. Without networking (which I
> had to modify to "minimal networking.") 

You're a very brave man, that's a heavy build entorn ;-)

> 2) Whilst trying to clean up system memory for VMWare, don't turn off *any*
> of the networking services. VMWare doesn't like it, and jhalfs won't build
> without working networking - I haven't figured out how to make it *not*
> download at least the book; and sometimes it wants to download the kernel
> sources, too.

To prevent download the book, select "Working copy" in the "release" menu and 
put in "Loc of working copy" the full path to the LFS book sources directory 
included in the CD-Live.

To prevent packages/patches download, copy manually all needed packages and 
patches to $BUILDDIR/sources and don't select "Retrieve source files" option.

> 4) I'm accusomed to making the build in /mnt/lfs 

You can. Just set "Build directory" option to  /mnt/lfs.

> ; glibc should never compile optimized with jhalfs,
> right?).


> [[ a more major nitpick: Where the heck in the book is 066-? Does that mean
> Chapter 6, section 6? It's actually section 9, but from some of the other
> numbers I'd seen scroll by, it doesn't seem like the internal numbers match
> the book very well - for those who are doing the build in a pure CLI
> instead of in a xterm, the lack of ability to scroll back to see when a
> chapter or section starts where, numbers more mnemonic to the actual
> chapters & sections could be helpful. ]]

The scripts numbers refers to the absolute position of that section on the 
book flow. That is, 066-glibc meants that that Glibc build instructions come 
from the section placed at the 66 position in the book.

To have the same numeration than in the online book involve to add a lot of 
extra XSL code for little gain. Looking at $BUILDDIR/jhalfs/lfs-commands you 
can see a subdirectory for each book chapter containing the scripts in the 
same order than their respective pages are in the book TOC.

> So I'm gonna restart the build now that I've gotten the corrective timezone
> in place, and I set the "Rebuild files" setting thinking it would ignore my
> previous build & start fresh (per the help gizmo in the makefile). No love,
> it says the "kernel fylesystem is still there." 

This should umount the kernel filesystems:

$ cd $BUILDDIR/jhalfs && sudo make do_housekeeping

> OK, so I'm doing wacko stuff on wacko hardware with wacko software... I
> realize that. ;-)

You're having a lot of fun :-))

> Again, this is informational only... having fun getting back into LFS again
> - the only "problem" with LFS as a hobby is once you get it working, you
> don't need to build it again for at least a couple of years... 

Yes, I do a lot of xLFS builds but my master system is yet a LFS-6.0 with few 

Thanks for the information.

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