my own alfs

Petrus petrus4 at
Sat Mar 24 10:36:34 PDT 2007

Hey guys,
I know I've been talking about this on and off on the irc server for ages, 
but I've finally got something workable going, if anyone is interested.  The 
URL is, and it's available as a 
cvs checkout via the instructions there...most of you prolly know the drill. 

What is it?  It's a software compilation/installation/packaging mechanism 
(eventually for the latter) using bmake and based on a direct, more 
Linux-centric re-implementation of

What works?  In terms of maketargets, setup, fetch, extract, patch, 
configure, build, install and clean.  In other words, even though package 
management isn't there yet, there's more than enough for a full 
implementation of alfs.  I'm still in the process of uploading the makefiles 
I've written for it to CVS, but you can either wait until I've done that 
(I'll be completing it this morning) or write your own.  The makefile format 
is largely self-explanatory, and as well as some example makefiles I've also 
got a readme there which explains how to do it.  The format of the core 
makefile,, is also a little messy, but still very readable I 
think...I've documented it probably a little excessively. ;-)  I am 
considering making it more modular.

What doesn't work yet?  *Full* automation via being able to jump the chroot 
wall at the start of chapter 6 and continue on automatically...I need some 
help figuring out how to do that, if anyone is willing.  Also, the package 
maketarget.  Find is giving me problems with it, and I also haven't written 
a db interface for the package management yet, which I'm planning on doing 
in entirely db-neutral SQL, once I learn enough about the language.  This 
will hopefully mean that if I want to implement it via Postgres as part of a 
big, bloated desktop, I can, and if someone else wants to make it work for 
an embedded system with SQLite, they'll also be able to.  I'm also planning 
on using bashdiff linked against dietlibc to write said db code, which would 
mean that in conjunction with tcc and the asmutils, for embedded stuff we 
could have a full toolchain with package management on one or two floppy 

Also however, I ask please that I not receive any negative comments about 
how this is a redundant duplication of effort, I'm an idiot for bothering to 
want to do it, etc.  Ronald was giving me a fair amount of abuse along these 
lines on IRC a while back...I can only say that I have my own reasons for 
doing it, some of which include simply the fact that I enjoy it. ;-) 

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