[PATCH] Don't hardcode target dependencies

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 20:44:21 PDT 2007

When experimenting with the LFS build, one of the things I want to do
is make jhalfs stop at specific points. Say, after Ch. 5 or after a
certain point in Ch. 6. Right now I'm trying to investigate the ICA
differences in cc1 and cc1plus, so I want to build just up to Ch. 6
gcc and stop.

Currently this is kind of hard because the dependencies for the major
targets are hardcoded. For instance:

LUSER:         028-binutils-pass1 029-gcc-pass1 030-linux-headers ...

And with the sudo indirection, it's difficult for me to say `make
028-binutils-pass1' or something and have it just stop there. What
would make this easier would be if the dependencies
(028-binutils-pass1, etc.) were in a variable that I could override:

LUSER_TARGETS = 028-binutils-pass1 ...

The attached patch tries to do just that. For normal usage, this will
make no difference since people won't be trying to override the
variables. But for special cases, this makes things simpler. I could
be totally wrong about the CUSTOM_TOOLS and BLFS_TOOL targets. I don't
know how those work.

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