jhalfs-2.2 - release preparatives.

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 1 14:28:13 PST 2007

  I have a makefile failure when doing a CLFS/x86. The failure is _not_ 
CLFS related. I elected not to include custom tools or blfs tools and 
the makefile dies when it calls the mk_CUSTOM_TOOLS and mk_BLFS_TOOL 

mk_CUSTOM_TOOLS: create-sbu_du-report 

     @if [ "$(ADD_CUSTOM_TOOLS)" = "y" ]; then \ 

       $(call echo_PHASE,Building CUSTOM_TOOLS); \ 

       $(call echo_CHROOT_request); \ 

       sudo mkdir -p /mnt/LINUX; \ 

       (sudo $(CHROOT1) "cd $(SCRIPT_ROOT) && make CUSTOM_TOOLS"); \ 


     @touch $@

It seems you cannot call a make function from within a cmd shell '@'. I 
thought I had removed these information calls but I missed CLFS and HLFS

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