jhalfs-2.2 - release preparatives.

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 1 12:04:35 PST 2007

M.Canales.es wrote:
> Hi,
> I would to release jhalfs-2.2 this Sunday if there is no show-stoppers. 
> My tests shows that the current code looks good, but more tests, inputs, and 
> comments from others will be helpfull before doing the release.
> There is two reasons why we need to do a new stable release soon:
> -. The LiveCD team is waiting a new release including the SHELL fixes to can 
> release LFS LiveCD 6.3-pre2.
> -. Support for BLFS-6.2.x books. When the migration to the new DocBook DTD and 
> XSL versions will be done, in the BLFS-SVN book, jhalfs-trunk will not 
> support anymore BLFS-6.2.x, thus we need to have available an stable jhalfs 
> code supporting that books.
> George, has been you able to review and test the last changes commited by me? 
> Do you recall on some issue that should be fixed before do the release?
   I needed to change ISP and have been off line for a while. I have not
have a chance to review all the changes in depth but I do not see any
faults. All the changes you made look fine with one exception. (see below)
CHROOT:       SHELL=/tools/bin/bash
CHROOT:       $chapter6
   Is this a valid 'make' construct, having duplicate labels? (I am no
make guru)

> Also, I'm thinking to full remove the out-to-date PACO patch if there is no 
> volunters to update and maintain it.
   I think the PACO patch should be removed. If jhalfs-3.0 ever leaves
the ground hooks will be placed in the code to allow people to add their
own flavour of pm.


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