Issues when restarting jhalfs-2.2

Thomas Trepl ttrepl at
Mon Jun 18 14:18:34 PDT 2007

Thanks Manuel,

well, indeed, the virtual filesystems must be mounted manually. I tried a bit 
and did remove some flagfiles in /mnt/lfs/jhalfs/ and so I got jhalfs running 
through the rest of the build.  But it all left a taste of hacking and just 
having luck that it works in that situation.

Perhaps there could a bit of focus on the restart ability of jhalfs in the 
future development. I have the feeling that just for the clfs-dev book it may 
happen from time to time that something wents wrong. Than it would be very 
nice to have the option to restart and not to rm -rf *.

Btw, thanks for pointing out that the powerpc-utils-issue was more a jhalfs 
issue than a clfs-book-bug.

And thanks for such a great tool the jhalfs is!


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