Glibc build failure with /bin/sh -> /bin/dash

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Fri Feb 16 11:03:23 PST 2007

On Friday 16 February 2007 18:53, wrote:

> That fix is now in trunk.


> Well, tacking into account that all *LFS books have in their host
> prerequisites that Bash must be available and that must be the shell used
> by the builder user to set-up a sane environment, I don't see a real need
> to do jhalfs POSIX-compatible.

The only concern I had was that if we couldn't find some way of forcing the 
shell executed by `make' to be /bin/bash without affecting the environment of 
LFS package builds, jhalfs either simply wouldn't work on non-bash systems or 
might compromise the integrity of the build.  As Dan and you have now found a 
workaround, that's fine by me.  I've got far more important things to do with 
my time than rewrite already working scripts :)

> But if you are willing to make such patch keeping availbables all current
> jhalfs features and extensions I will be happly aplying it.


Thanks again for everyones wonderful efforts on jhalfs!


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