jhalfs bugs

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 15 17:08:35 PST 2007

  I ran into some serious bugs while testing jhalfs. The big ones are 
with custom_files and the inclusion of BLFS in CLFS-sysroot and 
CLFS-embedded.  Those books build using sysroot or DESTDIR and die when 
trying to utilize plain vanilla scripts. LFS and CLFS are build using 
chroot and this is ok with the scripts. For CLFS-s and CLFS-e custom and 
blfs scripts must be run once the system is booted.
   For the moment I have removed custom and BLFS from 'all:' until I 
clean up the calling scripts mk_CUSTOM_TOOLS and mk_BLFS_TOOLS.

  Off Topic:: Do you have any experience with finite state machine when 
used with communications protocols? I have very little forehead left 
from beating it against the wall over the SVN protocol.


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