Glibc build failure with /bin/sh -> /bin/dash macana at
Thu Feb 15 13:27:08 PST 2007

El Jueves, 15 de Febrero de 2007 22:15, Matthew Burgess escribió:

> Here's a description of the changes I've had to make.  Thankfully, there's
> only one horrible hack so far, though I've got some unwanted '-e's
> appearing in log files and the progress bar output.  That's probably due to
> non-POSIX use of `echo' but I'm not too bothered by it...yet :-)

There is no need to do all that ugly hacks that may break several parts of 
jhalfs (report creation, ICA/farce, optimization, etc.).

Like Dan pointed and my test seems confirm, should be enough removing  that 3 
occurrences of  SHELL=/bin/bash and adding it to the top with the other 
Makefile variables settings.

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