Glibc build failure with /bin/sh -> /bin/dash macana at
Wed Feb 14 15:29:02 PST 2007

El Jueves, 15 de Febrero de 2007 00:10, Matthew Burgess escribió:

> As you know, currently jhalfs applies a workaround of
> passing "SHELL=/bin/bash" to `make' so that and the unpack
> commands, which contain bashisms, work properly.  The problem I have with
> this is that by doing this, the environment is different to that which is
> explicitly defined in the LFS book, hence jhalfs diverges from the commands
> in LFS and therefore can't be trusted as a mechanism to test the book out
> with.  If it hadn't have been setting SHELL, I'd have seen the whole glibc
> vs. dash problem first-hand and could have gotten the book fixed up sooner.

The thread that driver us to add SHELL=/bin/bash start here:

I need to re-read it also and now is very late for me to do it. Lets start the 
discussion to find the best solution for that.

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