CLFS-Embedded and Wireless Router

George Boudreau georgeb at
Wed Feb 14 11:17:27 PST 2007 wrote:
> El Miércoles, 14 de Febrero de 2007 00:11, George Boudreau escribió:
>> Manuel,
>>    I have the WRT book included in jhalfs but before I do a commit we
>> need to talk about some new config parameters.
>>    The WRT book is directed towards building on a a specific MIPS
>> platform and I needed to create a new configurable parameter PLATFORM.
>> This var contains either "GENERIC" or "WRT - MIPS Wireless Router". If
>> we maintain the non-generic format "ID text" " - Description" I can
>> parse the ID with ${var% -*} (when I need to know the platform)
> I'm not sure what do you meant, isn't enough adding a separate "wrt" arch?
    If you look at the definition of ARCH in it is a processor 
architecture. WRT (wireless routers) is a platform designed around the 
MIPS processor. If we just say WRT is another ARCH we must add many 
conditionals to the current design.  By adding the config 
parameter PLATFORM I avoid all the conditionals.

> What I'm sure is that CLFS-embedded is broken from a jhalfs point of view: 
> e2fsprogs is missing from materials/packages.xml and the WRT specifics 
> packages list should be moved from system-preps/ to material/. I will post 
> about that in clfs-dev.
> Plus, for WRT we need to add to the Makefile the system-preps/ scripts, that 
> aren't used in X86 or MIPS.
   They are in the systemprep directory and are included before the 
cross-tools section.

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