Problems when running jhalfs-2.1 today macana at
Sun Feb 11 02:42:07 PST 2007

El Sábado, 10 de Febrero de 2007 14:36, Per Arne Munthe escribió:
> Hi folk.
> I'm trying to install the full gnome target after succesfully installing
> gnome-core.  When I run make from /root/jhalfs-2.1, it barfs on :

> syntax error, unexpected T_EOL, expecting T_WORD or
> T_WORD_QU invalid menu option
> unexpected 'endmenu' statement

> any clues on how to fix this ?

That fail is due the recent split of preface book XML pages.

I must to find out why that split is broking, but a fix has been 
committed to the trunk code.

If you to fix your jhalfs-2.1 code instead to switch to the jhalfs-trunk SVN 
code, just edit   BLFS/libs/func_packages and add the following line to the 
"IDs clean-up" block found into the "generate_packages()" function:

sed -i '/errata\t/d;/foreword\t/d;/organization\t/d;/whoread\t/d' packages.tmp

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