ALFS project status

George Boudreau georgeb at
Fri Dec 14 11:55:42 PST 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Hello,
> there was no mail from Manuel Candales for two months or so. Does
> anyone know what happened to him?
   I have not heard from Manuel since a private email in October. I was
to evaluate his latest code in the experimental branch. Due to other
issues I have only partially completed this task. (Documentation must be
totally rewritten to reflect his changes)
> The problem for the LFS family of projects is that he was the only
> active jhalfs developer, thus, the ALFS project either needs
> additional developers, or has to be officially declared no longer
> existing. Any volunteers? I am not volunteering, because I know
> nothing about XSLT.
   The books underwent a significant rework and Manuel had made enough
changes to the supporting jhalfs code I stood back and was waiting for
his code and the books to stabilize. (I know squat about XSLT)

> This is not the case of "everything works perfectly, thus no new
> development" - in fact I had to patch jhalfs on LFS LiveCD in order to
> fix a critical bug that prevents French users from running jhalfs, and
> I want to have some known ALFS-related directions for possible future
> CDs.
   Other than your patch request there seemed to be zero interest in
jhalfs. Jeremy had been making noises about reviving his c++ code and
turning nALFS into jhalfs replacement. JHALFS seems to have run out of
steam, Manuel and I have pushed this rock as far as we can, alone. There
was/is talk of integrating package management into jhalfs which would
require _more_ books mods and code changes (see the experimental
branch). I am not available for extensive code work until next year.

::NOTE:: With nALFS being selected by LSB I don't expect it to change
drastically to accommodate a PM.

   I will post your patch if it is still necessary.

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