jhalfs error building xorg7

sacarde sacarde at tiscali.it
Sat Aug 18 23:34:12 PDT 2007

I have error in step 021-z-mesalib

mklib: Making Linux shared library:  libGLw.so.1.0.0
mklib: Installing libGLw.so.1.0.0 libGLw.so.1 libGLw.so in ../../lib
make[4]: Leaving directory `/root/sources/MesaLib/Mesa-6.5.2/src/glw'
make[3]: Leaving directory `/root/sources/MesaLib/Mesa-6.5.2/src'
make[3]: Entering directory `/root/sources/MesaLib/Mesa-6.5.2/progs'
Making programs for linux-dri-x86
make[3]: Leaving directory `/root/sources/MesaLib/Mesa-6.5.2/progs'
make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/sources/MesaLib/Mesa-6.5.2'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/sources/MesaLib/Mesa-6.5.2'
make: *** progs/xdemos: No such file or directory.  Stop.


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