error in step 086 clfs automated

George Boudreau georgeb at
Tue Aug 14 14:01:34 PDT 2007 wrote:
> El Martes, 14 de Agosto de 2007 21:41, sacarde escribió:
>> hi,
>>    in my mini-ppc (512MB ram) booting from livecd-ppc 6.2.pre
>> I have download jhalfs-2.3 and last  package-set
>> then I configure CLFS and run MAKE
>> ... but in step 86 error:
>> Building target 086-changingowner
>> [\/tools/bin/bash: line 3: perl: command not found   ]  0 min   0 sec
> I have not build CLFS in several time, but revising the book and build scripts 
> looks like CLFS don't install Perl in the cross-tools nor tools phase, thus 
> it is not available in the firsts targets run into the chroot :-/
> George, have you build some CLFS system after the chage to use perl for build 
> time meassuring?

   No, I have not run testbuilds against CLFS-1.0 since the change. I 
had been working on CLFS-Embedded lately. The Perl timing issue will not 
affect CLFS-sysroot or CLFS-Embedded.

   A cheaper workaround for Sacarde would be to disable SBU calculations.
> As a quick fix, you can edit the $BUILD_DIR/jhalfs/Makefile, go to the  
> 086-changingowner target entry, and change the line
>  end=$(TIME_MARK) && $(BUILD_TIME) >>logs/$@ && \
> to 
>  end=$(TIME_MARK)  >>logs/$@ && \
> Do the same in the following targets up to the one for temp-perl inclusive.
>> whatching logs I found 086 log that has a lot of line:
>> ownwership of '/cross-tools/.......' retained as 0:0
> That's not good, that might meant that the croos-tools packages was build as 
> the root user. Revising the Makefile I can't see how that could happened, 
> except if the $LUSER variable, found at the beggining of the Makefile, is 
> empty.
   Both chroot and boot isolate the final build from the host. Either we 
go back to the bash version or we skip timing of the temporary Perl 
package. (I dislike coding exceptions.) A third option is to revisit the 
timing method.. write a neutral data package (ticks/milliseconds or what 
ever) at the end of the log and do all the processing at the end of the 

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