error in step 086 clfs automated macana at
Tue Aug 14 13:27:02 PDT 2007

El Martes, 14 de Agosto de 2007 21:41, sacarde escribió:
> hi,
>    in my mini-ppc (512MB ram) booting from livecd-ppc 6.2.pre
> I have download jhalfs-2.3 and last  package-set
> then I configure CLFS and run MAKE
> ... but in step 86 error:
> Building target 086-changingowner
> [\/tools/bin/bash: line 3: perl: command not found   ]  0 min   0 sec

I have not build CLFS in several time, but revising the book and build scripts 
looks like CLFS don't install Perl in the cross-tools nor tools phase, thus 
it is not available in the firsts targets run into the chroot :-/

George, have you build some CLFS system after the chage to use perl for build 
time meassuring?

As a quick fix, you can edit the $BUILD_DIR/jhalfs/Makefile, go to the  
086-changingowner target entry, and change the line

 end=$(TIME_MARK) && $(BUILD_TIME) >>logs/$@ && \


 end=$(TIME_MARK)  >>logs/$@ && \

Do the same in the following targets up to the one for temp-perl inclusive.

> whatching logs I found 086 log that has a lot of line:
> ownwership of '/cross-tools/.......' retained as 0:0

That's not good, that might meant that the croos-tools packages was build as 
the root user. Revising the Makefile I can't see how that could happened, 
except if the $LUSER variable, found at the beggining of the Makefile, is 

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