Sorry -just need to vent

Michael J. Lynch mlynch at
Thu Aug 9 09:21:34 PDT 2007

This has absolutely nothing at all to do with alfs.  I just need to
vent so please forgive me.

Why on earth is it so difficult to make a kernel configuration from
scratch that doesn't require an initrd image.  I've been messing
around with it for at least a week now and I *finally* got it working.
Would it be so hard for the kernel guys to add a "noinitrdconfig"
target to the makefile that would generate a kernel config with
everything needed to be able to boot from either an IDE or SCSI
drive?  This target wouldn't need all of the assorted drivers, just
the minimal amount of stuff needed to be able to boot without
needing an initrd image.

There...I feel better now....thanks....


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