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El Martes, 31 de Julio de 2007 16:22, Michael J. Lynch escribió:

>     The first problem was with the "md5sum" command.  For whatever
> reason the md5sum command on Ubuntu Hoary won't allow use of
> stdin as the source of the "checkfile" argument.  The "checkfile" arg
> must come from a real file.  So my fix was to modify the func_download_pkgs
> file to write the MD5 variable to a temporary file and then change the
> actual check to:

>     The second problem was with the tar command.  For whatever
> reason the tar command on Ubuntu Hoary can not untar files with
> .bz2, .gz, etc. extensions.  The files must be uncompressed before
> being unarchived.  Solving this problem took a little more work.  I had
> to make a wrapper script (TAR) for tar that checked the extension
> and then used the correct uncompressor and piped the output to

Both, the md5sum work-around and using "-j" or -"z" in the tar command based 
on the package extension can be found in the old jhalfs releases.

They was removed in one of the code clean-ups to can have a more simple, 
readable, and uniform code. Yes, that take out of the game some older distros 
(Ubuntu 6.06.1 TLS works fine as a host for me), but we don't have the 
manpower needed to test and support all of them.

Thanks for the reports, at least it will help other users having the same 
issues in their host.

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