jhalfs-svn on Ubuntu

Richard Downing richard at langside.org.uk
Mon Nov 13 08:10:14 PST 2006

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> TheOldFellow wrote:
>> I hesitate to say this, but:  A supervising init like runit would fix
>> that
>> in a trice.  Upstart might be a candidate eventually too.
> At this point, I'd be happy to try something like that - though I'm not
> sure how much authority I have anymore...
> The only problem I see with that is since Belg likes to just drop random
> processes, what happens if it drops our monitoring init? I'm wondering
> if I can write something on another server that can monitor what
> processes Belg is currently running remotely.

What happens on runit, I can't speak for the others, is that there is a
process 1, called as init by the kernel at start up.  If init fails
you're screwed, but that's true of every other init.  Init starts, and
will respawn if necessary, runsvdir, that actually starts the monitoring
processes.  Each service has a monitoring runsv process that restarts
the service if it fails, ditto for the log processes.

I wouldn't implement it on belg, too much of a revolution, but I think
some kind of process supervision is a necessary part of a high
reliability system.

You can run runit under init, BTW, so it can be tried out without too
much commitment - in which case it's like daemontools without the
(expletive deleted) Bernstein.


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