Early fault running jhalfs-2.0 on clfs-svn

Alan Lord lord_alan at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Nov 11 00:38:03 PST 2006

TheOldFellow wrote:
> Bash IS installed by ubuntu and is the default shell, it's just not what it
> uses for sh. It uses dash.  So if you put #!/bin/sh at the top of a
> cript you get dash running the script.  They also chose mawk instead of
> gawk, I changed that long ago, hence it didn't bite me.
> There's nothing to stop you changing the symlink though, but George's
> recent changes make it work well by calling for bash explicitly.
> R.

Thanks for the reply. I was sort of getting the jist of this last 
night... Once the posts started appearing on gmane again.


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