Section 6.40.2 (inetutils)

Radhelorn radhelorn at
Mon Nov 6 14:05:10 PST 2006 wrote:
> El Lunes, 6 de Noviembre de 2006 00:25, Matthew Burgess escribió:
>> Manuel, does jhalfs have an option/feature for producing a list of files
>> installed by a particular package?  I couldn't see one, nor could I see
>> an easy way of parsing the log files that jhalfs produces to see what
>> files were installed by a particular package.  If not, the way I handled
>> this previously was to do something similar to `touch /timestamp && make
>> install && find / -newer /timestamp' within the chroot environment.
> Like Dan said, the PACO patch could be used for that.
> But unfortunately the patch hasn't been updated/tested to work with jhalfs-2.x 
> series due that Tor Olav, its developer, is very busy with real-live work :-/

What about checkinstall/installog? I've not looked at them for a long 
time, but AFAIK installog produces a list of files and works with 
LD_PRELOAD method just like paco.

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