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El Viernes, 3 de Noviembre de 2006 23:10, George Boudreau escribió:

>     As long as you have 2 free neurons able to make a connection you can
> learn. 

One and half could be enough?

> jhalfs-2.0 serves its purpose well, to automate the extraction and
> building of LFS series book. It is possible to move beyond this
> definition but not without pain.

Yes, and that is what need be evaluated: how many complicated could be to move 
on the bash code to a open framework plugins-friendly in front of porting the 
current and future planned features to a binary solution. 

>    jhalfs-3.0 will have another definition and code will be written to
> support those specs. Specs first, code later.

I'm not good writing specs. IMHO, the new implementation must have all 
features found in jhalfs-2.x but coded in a way that further systems 
customizations, support for LFS-alike systems,  and features enhancement 
could be achieved by adding plugins on top of the base code.

If that can be made using bash, call it jhalfs-3.x. If decided that is better 
to use a compilable language based on the work and development done from 
George M., then call it alfs-1.x,  trying to implement also that 
not-yet-supported features found in the "alfs Software Requirements 
Specification" specs.

I any case, jhalfs-2.x need be maintained and keeped in a production-ready 
form until have a new tool able to replace it.

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