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El Miércoles, 1 de Noviembre de 2006 16:23, George Makrydakis escribió:

Theoretical basic concepts to be discussed:

> Yes but based on what and why?

Following the mantra "Your distro, Your rules" the next natural evolution of 
jhalfs would be to help folks building their own-designed source code systems 
based on xLFS flavours and derivative works.

That may implies to redesing the tool to be an open framework where parsing 
and building "by-the-book" xLFS system are only few of the several plugins 
that could be created.

> I would be very happy to discuss my view of things when
> I will be asked to and the setting allows it

Now may be a good momment.

> That said, I would not like to interfere with the _current_ state of
> affairs. Past comments have taught me enough regarding policies that should
> be followed in _this_ particular mailing list. Discussing things that are
> not in the _current_ jhalfs codebase will only bring forth irrelevant
> "point the obvious" attitudes that is best to completely avoid because of
> their high entropy.

The current jhalfs code is now in maintenance mode. There is nothing to 
discuss about it except bug fixes and clean-up.

The new jhalfs code may be something totally different, thus the discussion is 
open to any one that would expose thier point of view.

>  The book does require a new form
> to present the critical content and non critical content. It has required
> so for quite some time. If we are to assume that LFS is to be a
> distribution system of its own, then there is a definite need for
> overhauling and, at times, abrupt changes.

The prominent goal of the LFS Project is to create educational books about how 
to create Linux systems using source code. Any of the books should be view as 
a distribution but as a guide.

To create distribution systems from LFS books is for the readers. And here is 
where the ALFS Project at a whole, and jhalfs in particular,  could have 
something to say.

To change the books sources to allow a better automatization and customization 
of a concret book version is a desiderable goal for the ALFS team, but is 
something that need be discussed and decided by all editors and the 
community. We, as jhalfs developers, can't rely our work on hipothetical 
books changes that may no occur.

But, if the planned jhalfs redesing could be implemented, book changes don't 
must to affect the core jhalfs code, only the code for that book plugin and 
how much customizable systems based on that book may be.

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