jhalfs-2.0: Rebuild doesn't unmount kernel the kernel file systems in chroot

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Nov 1 03:04:10 PST 2006

El Miércoles, 1 de Noviembre de 2006 04:56, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:

> Thanks for the input. So... Do you think it's worth doing something
> about, or are you inclined to leave it as is?

The old restart code was removed after the last Makefile restructuration to 
use sudo. In the TODO file there is a request to develop a new restart code.

Thus if you have time and interest to develop it, go on.

> Also, if I had some (mostly cosmetic) adjustments to make, should I send
> you a patch? And if so, against what code? Current SVN?

Against trunk. Trunk is now in maintenance mode for 2.x releases. Only 
bugfixes, clean-up, and TODO items are allowed. And I think that you have yet 
commit privilidges.

The experimental branch will be soon the place where 3.0 will be developed.

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