jhalfs X: reworked paco patch try2

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 30 13:19:39 PST 2006

El Jueves, 30 de Marzo de 2006 12:50, Tor Olav Stava escribió:
> The Makefiles and build shells now look ok by visual inspection. Think a
> was too quick posting that first patch ;)
> I'm doing full system builds with all chapter 06 test, starting with
> HLFS-uClibc.
> Reports appreciated.

Attached the revised lfs.xsl. It fixes also the missing export in 
117-util-linux, but do the export two times in 068-glibc, 092-texinfo and 
102-e2fsprogs (not a real issue, I think)

Plus this fix for master.sh (be aware of possible unwanted line-wrapping)

  if [[ $USE_PACO != "0" ]] ; then
    if [[ $PROGNAME != "blfs" ]]; then
      cp $COMMON_DIR/paco-build.sh $JHALFSDIR/
      echo -e "export PACO_INCLUDE=$PACO_INCLUDE" > $JHALFSDIR/pacovars
      echo -e "export PACO_EXCLUDE=~/sources:$JHALFSDIR:$PACO_EXCLUDE" >> 
      echo -e "export PACO_TMPFILE=$PACO_TMPFILE" >> $JHALFSDIR/pacovars

More comming soon....

Manuel Canales Esparcia
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