jhalfs-X, time to leave the nest?

Chris Schwemmer chris.schwemmer at informatik.stud.uni-erlangen.de
Wed Mar 29 14:37:37 PST 2006

Just something I noticed during my paco-trials:
There is no "8.4 Entering the chroot environment".
I believe you meant "6.4 Entering the chroot environment" in
common/makefile_functions? ;)
I had some (uncatched) testsuite-errors during glibc, gcc and perl, but they
vanished after building these packages by hand on the finished system, so I
think this comes from the paco-integration...
The rest of the build went fine and the system boots. Due to lack of time at
the moment I only tried to compile a few things (wireless drivers and
tools) but so far it looks ok. I'll do it all again when jhalfs-X is
released and paco integrated and then continue on to BLFS to see whether a
system with new kernel headers (by Jürg's script) but glibc-2.3.6 and
udev-088 works... but that is another topic. ;)

Great work guys!

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