jhalfs X 2407 - paco patch try5

David Rosal david.rosal at upf.edu
Tue Mar 28 08:35:47 PST 2006

Chris Schwemmer wrote:

> By the way, I noticed that the paco-logs contain lots of missing files. I
> think they come from the same problem with libpaco-log.so being preloaded
> during the whole build/testing and not just during install... Perhaps a sed
> to remove all missing files from the logs after the build is finished might
> be an option? (In order to avoid complicating the paco-patch). If these
> entries remain, you get things like coreutils owning /etc/passwd at the
> end...

This is a bug in paco-20060327.

I recently moved the code that checks for the existence of the files 
being logged from paco to libpaco-log. This causes some temporary files 
and other garbage to be included in the logs.

Of course this is not the desirable behaviour. I solved the problem but 
the fix is not available in sourceforge yet because I'm really busy this 


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