jhalfs X 2407 - paco patch try5

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at online.no
Tue Mar 28 05:47:46 PST 2006

Chris Schwemmer wrote:

>Tor Olav Stava wrote:
>>As a temporary workaround you can edit
>>lfs-commands/chapter06/072-coreutils like this:
>That did the trick. I thought about something like that, too. Just wanted to
>report it to you. Thanks!
>The build is now at 088-gettext. I'll report any things that might turn
All bug reports will make the patch even better. ;)

>By the way, I noticed that the paco-logs contain lots of missing files. I
>think they come from the same problem with libpaco-log.so being preloaded
>during the whole build/testing and not just during install... Perhaps a sed
>to remove all missing files from the logs after the build is finished might
>be an option? (In order to avoid complicating the paco-patch). If these
>entries remain, you get things like coreutils owning /etc/passwd at the
What paco version are you using? If you're using older version than 
svn-20060325 there's been some issues with the EXCLUDE dirs not being 
honored. If you're actually using recommended or newer version, then I 
probably have to reevaluate which dirs/files to exclude.

I'm not into sed language, so I prefer other solutions.

Do you have some examples of missing files from your paco logs? I'll do 
a complete run on LFS with all chapter 6 test-suites and see if I notice 
anything myself, but all reports will make life easier ;)
Is /etc/passwd actually listed in /var/log/paco/coreutils.* ? I really 
thought unsetting LD_PRELOAD would avoid that, but I might just be 

I'll probably consider moving the paco commands into the *.xsl files as 
I gain more knowledge of xsl, but for now I just want a working paco 
solution without bugs :)

Tor Olav

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