RFC[02] - nZyme C++ code segment

George Makrydakis gmakmail at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 08:31:21 PST 2006

On 3/25/06, Jeremy Huntwork  wrote:

> Looks good so far, George. Very thorough. Not sure how important this
> is, but when compiling with -Wall, I get this output:


>  warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions


> That last line might be due to copy and pasting... not sure. Can you
> perhaps provide the code as an attachment next time? :)

I will be brief, there is a major workload on overhauling my computer
boxes at home, so here is the "answer":

If you are using -Wall combine it with -Wno-sign-compare. It is not a
"real" bug and it does not affect the underlying thought pattern
within the code (STL thing / example: string::npos is actually two
values, one is -1 the other is the unsigned long int equivalent / this
is a grosso modo explanation....); I will start posting in attachments
too, and rearrange code so that -Wall outputs nothing. It is
string::npos lines that have that problem aren't they? The escape
sequence is probably copy / paste thing error. Will check in anycase.

Code works without problems if warnings are disabled, remember POC.
The best part so far is that it checks for syntax errors without
keeping buffers  (nice).

Once my home boxes are all up again I will provide you with a more up
- to - date version including entity dereferencing and a primitive
bash output "filter" (works here, did not post yet because I am
thinking it over).

Thanks, got to run now,

George Makrydakis

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