A suggestion for building the kernel batchly.

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Mar 26 03:56:55 PST 2006

El Domingo, 26 de Marzo de 2006 14:30, David Rosal escribió:
> Hello.
> I just finished my first jhalfs!

Good :-)

Mine is running yet GCC test suites :-/

> All packages were installed without any single keypress for my part. But
> when the build entered the kernel stage (135-kernel), "make" began to
> prompt me for kernel options. That's because I use the config file from
> my host system, which is LFS-6.1.1 with linux-, and there are
> new options in that need to be set manually.

Well, we expect the users submmint a .config file suitable for the kernel 
version that will be compiled and adapted to their hardware.

After all, this is "Linux From Scratch" and the user should be aware about how 
their kernel is actually configured.

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