A suggestion for building the kernel batchly.

David Rosal david.rosal at upf.edu
Sun Mar 26 04:30:35 PST 2006


I just finished my first jhalfs!

All packages were installed without any single keypress for my part. But 
when the build entered the kernel stage (135-kernel), "make" began to 
prompt me for kernel options. That's because I use the config file from 
my host system, which is LFS-6.1.1 with linux-, and there are 
new options in that need to be set manually.

Well, I just suggest: shouldn't it be a good idea to accept the defaults 
for those new options, and let the build be executed batchly? I have 
achieved that by issuing:

    yes "" | make

instead of simply:


Does it make sense?


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